Cloud Raiders


Sail the clouds and raid your enemies




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Cloud Raiders is a real-time strategy game where players have to build their own cloud empire, with the goal being to raid other players' colonies (and also flyers).

The first thing you have to do when playing Cloud Raiders is build a good home base that provides all the things a conqueror needs: resources for buying and maintaining the supplies, troops for attacking your enemies, and, of course, defenses so other players don't end your reign.

In Cloud Raiders there are two different game modes. In campaign mode, you can carry out a series of missions that get more and more complicated, facing off against a huge number of enemies controlled by the computer, including a few big bosses. The second game mode is PvP (player versus player) where you have the option to show who's boss.

Cloud Raiders is an online strategy game along the lines of Clash of Clans that offers a simple and entertaining gameplay, and good graphics to boot.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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